Expensive Party

What the Most Expensive Party on Earth Looks Like

The most expensive party on earth always looks as if there would be no more tomorrows again. Money is lavished, people keep enjoying like no more business while food and drinks are in abundance. Therefore, paint the whole town red, put out all the stops, rent the glitziest and most popular models and celebrities, engage the services of the hottest artists and band, and hire the costliest party places acknowledged by man.  Because this is time to stage a party that will swallow all parties!

Royal Wedding of William and Kate

This party was estimated at $70 million which was tagged a tidy sum for the father of the celebrant. At this party, security was tight and lavished and it was just the talk of the town. There were lots of wines and other collection of drinks. It was just a great party for those who attended. In terms of tourism and merchandise, the party realized over half a billion pounds, which is a great impact on the economy of any nation.  

Wedding of the Daughter of Lakshmi Mittal, the Steel Tycoon

Lakshmi Mittal the steel tycoon is a billionaire time without number. He made his amazing money from the steel industry. Only the silver invitation was of 20 pages. There were lots of guests who flown in from across the globe, and they were all accommodated in five-star hotels in or very close to Paris. As a matter of fact, it was a six-day burlesque that featured fireworks being shot from on top of the Eiffel Tower. The wine alone was $1.5 million and the place was loaded with assorted food and drinks.  Lots of dishes were prepared by the chef ad served at the reception that took place at the Palace of Versailles.

Wedding of the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi

This wedding was $45 million in 1981. It may likely cost more today, if you factor in inflation. It took place in a big 20,000 capacity location specially built for the celebration. Each town in Abu Dhabi hosted the Sheikh throughout the week of the wedding. It was a feast of serve every time out. 

The Wedding of Bill Clinton’s Daughter

The party featured an $11,000 cake, air-conditioned tents, Vera Wang gown and 500 guests.  Money was no barrier at this event at all because people wine and dine to their satisfaction.

Bar Mitzvah of Elizabeth Brooks

Dignitaries were flown in from different parts of the world to grace the occasion. There are different tastes of music. It was a remarkable experience for the invited guests.

The Inauguration of the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai

 The opening of this hotel featured Kylie Minogue singing some of her hit songs, after which colorful fireworks lit up the sky. Up to 2,000 celebrities were present at the opening of this hotel in Dubai.

Wear at a Luxury Event

What Not to Wear at a Luxury Event

To be refined in style, form, and appearance is an indication that we respect and care for ourselves and also take other people seriously too. Quite a number of people commit the error of not dressing correctly to a special event like a luxury event, forgetting that the way you dress affects the way other people look at you. What you wear to a luxury event or other formal occasions will determine how people will address you. Dressing for formal functions can be scrupulously demanding. Your usual concern is how to present yourself in front as you mingle with some other people. What you are wearing is the last thing you want to border about. They must fit nicely, but make sure you absolutely comfortable.

Here are what not to wear at a luxury event

  • Excessively Revealing Attire: When you are attending a luxury event, do not wear exaggeratedly revealing attires such as tops, blouses and other dresses that expose too much of your body. Tube tops and bare midriff are not advisable as well. Whosoever dress indecently will most probably be passed off as someone who demands attention through her clothes than her ability or skills.
  • Disgraceful Hair Color: Tremendous hair color such as multi-colors, magenta or blue are distracting and should be avoided. The natural looking colors like dark brown and black should be encouraged.
  • Long, Bright or Fake-colored Nails – Do not wear too long nails with multi-flowered patterns and bright colors to a luxury event. Just maintain neat manicured hands with neutral polish and short nails.
  • Fishnet Stockings – Despite the fact that they may be a trend now, they are too sexy for that luxury event.
  • Over accessorizing – Making use of jewelry like belts, bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings and lots more is just perfect to boost your outfit. Nevertheless, it will look tacky when worn in bulk. Using excess real gold and diamond can be regarded as show off also. Keep away from too noisy jewelry but allow a piece of jewelry be your vocal point. If your highlighting is on your long and colorful earrings, play down the bracelets and necklace, if you must wear them. On the other hand, leaving out bracelets and earrings will be a good choice, if you are wearing a chunky beaded necklace.
  • Tattered Undergarments! –Do not focus on your outer wardrobe and forget what is hiding beneath. Do not wear tattered undergarments to a luxury event as it is very unpleasant to see a well dressed lady with a tattered, dirty bra strap peeking out of her top. Similarly, socks and underwear need to be replaced when stained or tattered having holes or elastic coming apart.
  • Tattoos – Despite that tattoos might be common nowadays, it is not good for all occasions, particularly if put on obvious places such as the arms or neck.
Film Festivals Elite

What Makes These 5 Film Festivals Elite

Film festivals are just the organization and showing of films in screening venues or cinemas, normally in a sole city or location. Depending on the festival in question, films might be of the current date that can include domestic and international releases. It is noteworthy that film festivals are yearly events and film makers don’t always consider Film Festivals as official releases of films. Some of the popular film festivals are Cannes, Venice, Sundance, Toronto International, Berlin International and Melbourne International Film Festivals.

Here are what makes these 5 film festivals elite

The Big Four

 Frankly speaking, Tribeca, Toronto, South by Southwest and Sundance are the only North American festivals that can actually mar or make the career of a filmmaker. No other thing grabs the attention of the press and film industry than these big four, even though other fests might boast of the infrequent distribution deal. No wonder everyone with a film clamors to enter. Unfortunately, your chances of being accepted are probably zero, in view of the fact that competition is so severe.

The Mom-and-Pops

 These close affairs are exceedingly erratic in quality simply because they are arranged by only one or two people that can be overwhelming. The fact that you stand a good chance of being admitted because they don’t get huge submission and that they are cheap to enter is what them beneficial. However, screenings may be poorly attended.

Los Angeles-Based Festivals

Filmmakers are optimistic that screening their work in the nearness of a lot of industry major players will lead to opportunities. On the other hand, quite a lot of festivals have emerged in and around Los Angeles. Despite the fact that the industry bigwigs seldom show up, the audiences are wholehearted because they are frequently packed with actors from chosen films.

Genre Fests

Genre Festival is a complete subculture centered on revulsion or science invention.  Quite a lot have come to cuddle castle in the sky, dark comedies, thrillers… actually, everything strange, geeky, or pessimistic. From colossal such as Sitges and HorrorHaus, these are the least boring festivals around.

Big City Festivals

One great thing about Big City festivals is that they tend to pack their lineups with glamorous films to obtain butt in seats. Your chances may improve, if you are a local. There are quite a lot of large film festivals all over the nation, even if they are not all Oscar qualifiers: municipal boosters for their host cities, such as Philadelphia, Denver, Boston and Dallas. As a matter of fact, if you mention a particular location with more than 500,000 populations, it will probably possess an official film festival. Moreover, the probability that you will be accepted is not all that simple than at the Oscar Qualifiers.

Best Tennis Matches

Top Places in the World to Watch the Best Tennis Matches

The idea of op places in the world to watch the best tennis matches is a matter of choice. However, safety is the key when deciding where to watch the best tennis matches in the world. However, there are quite a lot of places to watch your favorite game, particularly with the US Open in full force. The atmosphere ranges from mammoth to friendly, the settings from striking to common and the styles from conventional to innovative. The fact that they are all iconic makes them common.

Here are top places in the world to watch the best tennis matches.

  1. Grandstand, New York – This stadium provides the best sightlines with the cherished ambiance of any stadium court, located at the Billie jean King National Tennis Center. This is surely a place for you if all you need is excitement and fun.
  2. Center Court, London – This is a cathedral of tennis. It started at Worple Road in 1877, but moved to its permanent and present location at Church Road I 1922. Center Court will accommodate 15,000 spectators conveniently.
  3. Stadio Nicola Pietrangeli, Rome – This is the number three top largest court and one of the best in the world. It is clever buried in the grounds of Foro Italico and bordered by the statutes of the Roman gods.
  4. Center Court, Monten Carlo – This particular center is situated within the French border and it accommodates 9,000 fans. Moreover, as far as the tennis terrain is concerned, this stadium has the most charming background with the light all the way from the dazzling Mediterranean bouncing of the red clay of the court.
  5. Am Rothenbaum, Hamburg, Germany – This tennis center was constructed in 1927 with the peculiarity of being the earliest center with a retractable roof. Accommodating 13,500 spectators, it is equally the court where Roger Federer first defeated Rafael Nadal on clay in the year 2007.
  6. Stadium 2, Indian Wells, Calif – Considering the statuesque of Stadium 1 that accommodates 16,000 fans and still the 3 rd largest permanent court globally, it is a controversial choice. However, this new Stadium 2 is a delightful setting, letting 8,000 spectators get up near and personal with the best of the game.
  7. Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, Australia – Constructed in 1988 and accommodating 15,000 fans, Rod Laver Arena can be as cherished as the Center Court or even as lively as Arthur Ashe. The is sited on the shores of  Yarra River following the Cricket Ground of Melbourne, the sunsets all the way through the gap in the roof at the start of a nighttime match are predominantly dazzling.
  8. Court Philippe Chatrier, Paris – This court was constructed in 1928 and it is the heart of Stade Roland Garros. However, it is worth mentioning that it can be a blazing cauldron, particularly when the 15,000 spectators are at their most choral. It has one of the best ambiances in tennis, with its precipitous sides and seal quarters.
  9. Family Circle Magazine Stadium, Charleston – This is a great arena to watch tennis with its flowering stands, green clay, Southern setting and avid spectators. It was constructed in 2001 and accommodates 10,000 fans. Food is one of the best features on the tour.
Formula One Courses

The Top Five Formula One Courses Around the World

Top Formula One Courses are all about the fastest cars in the world and enthusiasts can see them race all over the world to view the speed themselves. However, a number of circuits are faster than others.

Here are the top five Formula One Courses around the World.

Grande Premio do Brasil and Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace

Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace was the formula that hosted Grande Premio do Brasil, aka Brazilian Grand Prix. The drivers went all round in anti-clockwise road 71 times on a 4.309 kilometers long circuit. 305.9 kilometers was the full length of the race. The total number of corners in the circuit is 15 with 5 to the right and 10 to the left. The utmost G-Force present in the race is 5.0G. The very highest speed in the formula one is 318 km/h.

Gran Premio de Espana and De Catalunya

De Catalunya was the one that hosted Gran Premio de Espana also known as the Spanish Grand Prix. 4.627 kilometer was the length of the formula one and the race was more than 66 laps, or probably an overall of 307.1 kilometers. These cars traveled in a clockwise manner and maneuver 16 bends – 9 to the right and 7 going to the left with a maximum G-Force of 4.0 G. The cars can travel at a high speed of 318 km/h.

Malaysia Grand Prix and Sepang International

Sepang International Circuit was the one that hosted the Malaysia Grand Prix. The drivers were expected to travel all over for 56 times in a clockwise course on a circuit of 5.542 kilometers in length. The total length of the race is 310.4 kilometers. The highest G-Force during the race is 4.0 G, while the utmost speed in the formula one is 315 km/h.

Bahrain Grand Prix and Bahrain International

The Bahrain International formula one was the one that hosted Bahrain Grand Prix. The race was carried out in a 5.412 kilometers long circuit. These cars travel in a clockwise route for 57 laps that represented a full race length of 308.2 kilometers. Drivers negotiated 15 corners – 9 to the right and 6 going to the left. The highest G-Force is 3.6 G. The highest speed in the formula one is 312 km/h.

Indian Grand Prix and Buddh International

The Buddh International was the one that accommodated the Indian Grand Prix. The length of this formula one is 5.137 kilometers. Drivers travel 60 times clockwise for a full length of 308.2 kilometers. It consists of 16 bends overall, 9 that turn sharply to the right and 7 to the left. It comes with utmost G-Force of 4.0 G. The Cars can travel at a high speed of 317 km/h.

The Gumball 3000 Rally

The Gumball 3000 rally is a yearly 3,000-mile international celebrity automobile race on public roads. Today the Gumball Rally 3000 is a part of pop culture.