Wear at a Luxury Event

What Not to Wear at a Luxury Event

To be refined in style, form, and appearance is an indication that we respect and care for ourselves and also take other people seriously too. Quite a number of people commit the error of not dressing correctly to a special event like a luxury event, forgetting that the way you dress affects the way other people look at you. What you wear to a luxury event or other formal occasions will determine how people will address you. Dressing for formal functions can be scrupulously demanding. Your usual concern is how to present yourself in front as you mingle with some other people. What you are wearing is the last thing you want to border about. They must fit nicely, but make sure you absolutely comfortable.

Here are what not to wear at a luxury event

  • Excessively Revealing Attire: When you are attending a luxury event, do not wear exaggeratedly revealing attires such as tops, blouses and other dresses that expose too much of your body. Tube tops and bare midriff are not advisable as well. Whosoever dress indecently will most probably be passed off as someone who demands attention through her clothes than her ability or skills.
  • Disgraceful Hair Color: Tremendous hair color such as multi-colors, magenta or blue are distracting and should be avoided. The natural looking colors like dark brown and black should be encouraged.
  • Long, Bright or Fake-colored Nails – Do not wear too long nails with multi-flowered patterns and bright colors to a luxury event. Just maintain neat manicured hands with neutral polish and short nails.
  • Fishnet Stockings – Despite the fact that they may be a trend now, they are too sexy for that luxury event.
  • Over accessorizing – Making use of jewelry like belts, bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings and lots more is just perfect to boost your outfit. Nevertheless, it will look tacky when worn in bulk. Using excess real gold and diamond can be regarded as show off also. Keep away from too noisy jewelry but allow a piece of jewelry be your vocal point. If your highlighting is on your long and colorful earrings, play down the bracelets and necklace, if you must wear them. On the other hand, leaving out bracelets and earrings will be a good choice, if you are wearing a chunky beaded necklace.
  • Tattered Undergarments! –Do not focus on your outer wardrobe and forget what is hiding beneath. Do not wear tattered undergarments to a luxury event as it is very unpleasant to see a well dressed lady with a tattered, dirty bra strap peeking out of her top. Similarly, socks and underwear need to be replaced when stained or tattered having holes or elastic coming apart.
  • Tattoos – Despite that tattoos might be common nowadays, it is not good for all occasions, particularly if put on obvious places such as the arms or neck.
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