Expensive Party

What the Most Expensive Party on Earth Looks Like

The most expensive party on earth always looks as if there would be no more tomorrows again. Money is lavished, people keep enjoying like no more business while food and drinks are in abundance. Therefore, paint the whole town red, put out all the stops, rent the glitziest and most popular models and celebrities, engage the services of the hottest artists and band, and hire the costliest party places acknowledged by man.  Because this is time to stage a party that will swallow all parties!

Royal Wedding of William and Kate

This party was estimated at $70 million which was tagged a tidy sum for the father of the celebrant. At this party, security was tight and lavished and it was just the talk of the town. There were lots of wines and other collection of drinks. It was just a great party for those who attended. In terms of tourism and merchandise, the party realized over half a billion pounds, which is a great impact on the economy of any nation.  

Wedding of the Daughter of Lakshmi Mittal, the Steel Tycoon

Lakshmi Mittal the steel tycoon is a billionaire time without number. He made his amazing money from the steel industry. Only the silver invitation was of 20 pages. There were lots of guests who flown in from across the globe, and they were all accommodated in five-star hotels in or very close to Paris. As a matter of fact, it was a six-day burlesque that featured fireworks being shot from on top of the Eiffel Tower. The wine alone was $1.5 million and the place was loaded with assorted food and drinks.  Lots of dishes were prepared by the chef ad served at the reception that took place at the Palace of Versailles.

Wedding of the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi

This wedding was $45 million in 1981. It may likely cost more today, if you factor in inflation. It took place in a big 20,000 capacity location specially built for the celebration. Each town in Abu Dhabi hosted the Sheikh throughout the week of the wedding. It was a feast of serve every time out. 

The Wedding of Bill Clinton’s Daughter

The party featured an $11,000 cake, air-conditioned tents, Vera Wang gown and 500 guests.  Money was no barrier at this event at all because people wine and dine to their satisfaction.

Bar Mitzvah of Elizabeth Brooks

Dignitaries were flown in from different parts of the world to grace the occasion. There are different tastes of music. It was a remarkable experience for the invited guests.

The Inauguration of the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai

 The opening of this hotel featured Kylie Minogue singing some of her hit songs, after which colorful fireworks lit up the sky. Up to 2,000 celebrities were present at the opening of this hotel in Dubai.

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