Best Tennis Matches

Top Places in the World to Watch the Best Tennis Matches

The idea of op places in the world to watch the best tennis matches is a matter of choice. However, safety is the key when deciding where to watch the best tennis matches in the world. However, there are quite a lot of places to watch your favorite game, particularly with the US Open in full force. The atmosphere ranges from mammoth to friendly, the settings from striking to common and the styles from conventional to innovative. The fact that they are all iconic makes them common.

Here are top places in the world to watch the best tennis matches.

  1. Grandstand, New York – This stadium provides the best sightlines with the cherished ambiance of any stadium court, located at the Billie jean King National Tennis Center. This is surely a place for you if all you need is excitement and fun.
  2. Center Court, London – This is a cathedral of tennis. It started at Worple Road in 1877, but moved to its permanent and present location at Church Road I 1922. Center Court will accommodate 15,000 spectators conveniently.
  3. Stadio Nicola Pietrangeli, Rome – This is the number three top largest court and one of the best in the world. It is clever buried in the grounds of Foro Italico and bordered by the statutes of the Roman gods.
  4. Center Court, Monten Carlo – This particular center is situated within the French border and it accommodates 9,000 fans. Moreover, as far as the tennis terrain is concerned, this stadium has the most charming background with the light all the way from the dazzling Mediterranean bouncing of the red clay of the court.
  5. Am Rothenbaum, Hamburg, Germany – This tennis center was constructed in 1927 with the peculiarity of being the earliest center with a retractable roof. Accommodating 13,500 spectators, it is equally the court where Roger Federer first defeated Rafael Nadal on clay in the year 2007.
  6. Stadium 2, Indian Wells, Calif – Considering the statuesque of Stadium 1 that accommodates 16,000 fans and still the 3 rd largest permanent court globally, it is a controversial choice. However, this new Stadium 2 is a delightful setting, letting 8,000 spectators get up near and personal with the best of the game.
  7. Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, Australia – Constructed in 1988 and accommodating 15,000 fans, Rod Laver Arena can be as cherished as the Center Court or even as lively as Arthur Ashe. The is sited on the shores of  Yarra River following the Cricket Ground of Melbourne, the sunsets all the way through the gap in the roof at the start of a nighttime match are predominantly dazzling.
  8. Court Philippe Chatrier, Paris – This court was constructed in 1928 and it is the heart of Stade Roland Garros. However, it is worth mentioning that it can be a blazing cauldron, particularly when the 15,000 spectators are at their most choral. It has one of the best ambiances in tennis, with its precipitous sides and seal quarters.
  9. Family Circle Magazine Stadium, Charleston – This is a great arena to watch tennis with its flowering stands, green clay, Southern setting and avid spectators. It was constructed in 2001 and accommodates 10,000 fans. Food is one of the best features on the tour.
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