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What Makes These 5 Film Festivals Elite

Film festivals are just the organization and showing of films in screening venues or cinemas, normally in a sole city or location. Depending on the festival in question, films might be of the current date that can include domestic and international releases. It is noteworthy that film festivals are yearly events and film makers don’t always consider Film Festivals as official releases of films. Some of the popular film festivals are Cannes, Venice, Sundance, Toronto International, Berlin International and Melbourne International Film Festivals.

Here are what makes these 5 film festivals elite

The Big Four

 Frankly speaking, Tribeca, Toronto, South by Southwest and Sundance are the only North American festivals that can actually mar or make the career of a filmmaker. No other thing grabs the attention of the press and film industry than these big four, even though other fests might boast of the infrequent distribution deal. No wonder everyone with a film clamors to enter. Unfortunately, your chances of being accepted are probably zero, in view of the fact that competition is so severe.

The Mom-and-Pops

 These close affairs are exceedingly erratic in quality simply because they are arranged by only one or two people that can be overwhelming. The fact that you stand a good chance of being admitted because they don’t get huge submission and that they are cheap to enter is what them beneficial. However, screenings may be poorly attended.

Los Angeles-Based Festivals

Filmmakers are optimistic that screening their work in the nearness of a lot of industry major players will lead to opportunities. On the other hand, quite a lot of festivals have emerged in and around Los Angeles. Despite the fact that the industry bigwigs seldom show up, the audiences are wholehearted because they are frequently packed with actors from chosen films.

Genre Fests

Genre Festival is a complete subculture centered on revulsion or science invention.  Quite a lot have come to cuddle castle in the sky, dark comedies, thrillers… actually, everything strange, geeky, or pessimistic. From colossal such as Sitges and HorrorHaus, these are the least boring festivals around.

Big City Festivals

One great thing about Big City festivals is that they tend to pack their lineups with glamorous films to obtain butt in seats. Your chances may improve, if you are a local. There are quite a lot of large film festivals all over the nation, even if they are not all Oscar qualifiers: municipal boosters for their host cities, such as Philadelphia, Denver, Boston and Dallas. As a matter of fact, if you mention a particular location with more than 500,000 populations, it will probably possess an official film festival. Moreover, the probability that you will be accepted is not all that simple than at the Oscar Qualifiers.

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